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10 Proven Ways to Reduce Stress at Work

Ashley K.March 18, 2019
10 Proven Ways to Reduce Stress at Work

Overwork is a problem that is not being taken as seriously as it should be. Not only does it have negative implications on a person’s health, but it’s also bad for the business. To put it bluntly, stressed employees results in an unproductive office. So, here are 10 proven ways to counter that and reduce stress in the workplace.

1. Take a Break Every 90 Minutes

The human body operates on what’s called ultradian rhythms. During each of these cycles, there is a peak where we are the most energized. This means that your brain can only focus for 90 to 120 minutes at a time. After this period, your body becomes exhausted and your brain cannot focus as well as it should.

Scheduling your workday around 90-minute intervals with a 20-minute break in between will help give your body and brain a much-needed break to be able to function healthily and productively.

2. Leave Your Desk for Lunch

When you are at your desk, your mind is in work mode. It subconsciously associates your desk with work, and often the stress that comes along with it. By leaving your desk for lunch, you are able to give your mind a little break from all of that stress.

“Stressed employees results in an unproductive office”

3. Check Your Emails Less Frequently

Checking your emails less frequently can help reduce stress, according to a study conducted by the University of British Columbia. The findings showed that it was more difficult than anticipated for people to refrain from checking their emails often. Yet, while “people find it difficult to resist the temptation of checking email... resisting this temptation reduces their stress,” said the study’s lead author Kostadin Kushlev. You can reduce your stress level by checking your email three times a day.

4. Meditate

Meditation is a simple, fast, and proven to reduce stress. Even just a few minutes a day can help give you a sense of calmness and inner peace, allowing you to escape the stress of the workplace for even just a few minutes.

5. Get Enough Sleep at Night

We have all heard that adults need at least eight hours of sleep at night, but not a lot of people follow that advice. However, not getting those eight hours can lead to increased levels of stress and suppress immune-system activity, making sleep one of the most important things you can do for better health.

6. Take a Short Nap

Researchers from the University of California found that a 60-minute nap improves memory just as much as eight hours of sleep at night. This does not mean you should skip out on sleeping at night, but if you did not get a great night’s sleep the night before, you can make up for it with a 60-minute nap.

7. Take Short Walks

Taking short walks outside throughout the day can help you escape the craziness in the office and clear your head. When you return from the walk, your brain will feel recharged and ready to be productive.

8. Do Something Creative

Creative outlets such as music, art, and writing have been proven to reduce stress. So, throughout the day, take a five-minute break and allow your brain to release that much-needed creative energy.

9. Have a Warm Drink

Studies have shown that people become more sympathetic when holding a warm drink in comparison to a cold one. According to behavioral psychologist and consultant in neuropsychology Susan Weinschenk, “when people hold a warm cup (for example, a warm cup of coffee), they judge the person they are interacting with to have a warmer personality than if they're holding a cup of cold liquid.” Thus, sipping on a warm drink will provide you with a little bit of comfort during those high-stress situations.

10. Start a Healthy Snack Bar

Food has been proven to increase mood and productivity, with healthy food, in particular showing, the best results. A snack bar stocked with healthy foods like NatureBox snacks allows you to unwind and recharge for the rest of the workday.

While some of these suggestions can be difficult to implement right away, healthy snacks can be readily available with NatureBox. Their automatic shipment of office snacks packages means that you do not have to think about keeping the snack bar full. You will be able to keep you and your coworkers happy and stress-free without having to lift a finger. It is a win-win situation, so try it today!

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